Womens Off The Shoulder Top – Exquisite Black Stretch Lace / Sexy

This is a wonderful exquisite black stretch lace off the shoulder top that can be worn in so many ways and for so many occasions. This off the shoulder top is tailored so it works great with a skirt and blouse or a nice pair of slacks and a blouse for a professional office position. It is also casual enough to wear with a pair of best online casino shorts or jeans with a cute shirt for a sassy, casual look. The nice tailored fit makes any figure look great. If you don’t like the color white, you can also order this off the shoulder top in black or red. Any of the three colors will get you the attention that you deserve. You can order this professional looking off the shoulder top in a small, medium, large, or extra-large. The size small that is being worn by the model is sewn to fit a size 88 bust and it is 69cm in length. Refer to the sizing chart to make sure that you order the correct size.

Megan Geher

About Megan Geher

Megan Geher is the daughter of Glenn Geher(past president of NEEPS) and Kathleen Geher. I have only done 1 real poster (mostly due to the fact I am 11.5). The poster was titled "An Analysis of Flight Distance Across Species," which I did for extra credit in 5th grade. I have been to NEEPS and HBES - at both I actually listened to some talks. I have a little brother named Andrew and have a sweet-as-can-be dog named Cujo. I am in 7th grade. Some of my achievements are high honor roll 4 times at the New Paltz Middle School and speaking on 88.7FM about budget cuts. I earned my green belt in Chung Do Kwan Tae Kwan Do. My blog explains examples of changes over time a.k.a. evolution. I hope you enjoy my blog that is all about evolution from a middle-schooler's perspective.
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