Time Management Skills

This is a phrase my dad, Glenn Geher, says frequently! It is definitely true! Especially considering my last blog was May 1st! According to my dad, ‘time management skills’ means knowing what time everything you have to do is, and planning ahead

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for keeping everything straight. I obviously need to do this with my blog. Wondering what this has to do with evolution?

Evolution is time management. Back in the pre-historic days, people could just go anywhere, with no other plans to worry about. But nowadays, people have TONS of time commitments! Between

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cross country EVERY DAY after school, lots of weekend

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plans, Stage to Screen’s production of ‘The Little Mermaid’, tae kwan do, and PILES of homework, I’m often heavily loaded with things to do. My brother does the full-year swim team, and art, and gymnastics, so my both full-time working parents have to do a TON of chauffeuring!

Obviously time management has changed a lot from the pre-historic time period until now. The average, middle-class, everyday family is stuck going from once place, to another, to another, and the chauffeuring parents aren’t doing anything THEY want to. Even though the cavemen don’t seem like they were having much fun, I bet they were! Even though they were often working, their kids were on their own. NO driving places, talking to teachers and people like that, and NO MORE boring life. Even with smartphones (see Lynn, 2012), people get easily bored. People need to get a handle on their time management so their lives are more interesting, and they have more

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free time.

Over the years, parents have become more involved in their kid’s lives and their kid’s lives have become busier, and busier, and BUSIER!!!!! Part of that is

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good, and part is what is making lives boring. Kids don’t have to be entertained as much, but parents WANT to watch their kid play sports, and do this, and do that. In the 1970′s parents just left their kids at home even at age 3!!! They didn’t care what their kids did! Nowadays, kids aren’t left home until around age 9, 10, or 11! This also takes away from adult time. Until now, adult time was always greater. This is when

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evolution comes into play.

“Time Management Skills” is all of these things rolled into one. It’s managing your time, it’s adult time, it’s boring lives, and it’s pretty much what every American needs to learn. Even if I’m not great at this, this blog helped me get better! The Evos Summit Conference helped me realize I need to work on this also. I’ll

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be there at night and I’m attempting to submit a poster on the blogs of this website! Hope to see you there!!!!!!!!


Lynn, Christopher (2012). Pivoting around Smartphones & Cigarettes: Evolved to Play in Extra-Structual Interludes.



About Megan Geher

Megan Geher is the daughter of Glenn Geher(past president of NEEPS) and Kathleen Geher. I have only done 1 real poster (mostly due to the fact I am 11.5). The poster was titled "An Analysis of Flight Distance Across Species," which I did for extra credit in 5th grade. I have been to NEEPS and HBES - at both I actually listened to some talks. I have a little brother named Andrew and have a sweet-as-can-be dog named Cujo. I am in 7th grade. Some of my achievements are high honor roll 4 times at the New Paltz Middle School and speaking on 88.7FM about budget cuts. I earned my green belt in Chung Do Kwan Tae Kwan Do. My blog explains examples of changes over time a.k.a. evolution. I hope you enjoy my blog that is all about evolution from a middle-schooler's perspective.
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  2. avatar Loretta Lynn says:

    Great blog, Megan! I see a future NEEPster in the making!

  3. avatar Christopher Lynn says:

    This is really insightful! As parents, we insist we’re exposing our kids to opportunities when sometimes we’re just contributing to their boredom. I have at least one son who would wholeheartedly agree with you & has said as much, but I have not listened, thinking I know more than him & he’ll thank me eventually. But if I listen to myself also (thanks for the citation!), I may just be habituating him to overstimulation. Oy!
    Thanks for the wake-up call, Megan. You’re right, kids did fine before drama club, Irish dance, karate, soccer, & playdates.
    And think of Bama when you’re applying for college. That’s coming up soon, right?

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