EvoS Journal

EvoS Journal: The Journal of the Evolutionary Studies Consortium is a journal designed to promote the education of evolutionary theory in colleges and universities. An evolutionary education provides a framework for enhancing the research and theory in all disciplines, and as such, EvoS Journal welcomes work from all academic disciplines as well as interdisciplinary scholarship that incorporates evolutionary theory across areas of study. As an outlet for academic articles, EvoS Journal has two particular aims. The first is to publish peer-reviewed articles related to evolutionary theory in higher education. The second is to publish undergraduate peer-reviewed articles that have arisen from courses offered through Evolutionary Studies Programs.

EvoS Journal is an open-access, free journal. This design allows easy access for anyone with an internet connection, and allows for fruitful academic exchange. EvoS Journal has been made possible by the Expanding Evolutionary Studies in American Higher Education grant from the National Science Foundation (#0817337).

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Editorial Board

Rosemarie Sokol Chang

Editorial Associate:
Daniel Glass

Editorial Consultants:
Glenn Geher, SUNY New Paltz
Jennifer Waldo, SUNY New Paltz
David Sloan Wilson, Binghamton University

Academic Editorial Board:

Alice Andrews (SUNY New Paltz) – Psychology
Larry Arnhart (Northern Illinois University) – Political Science
Alexander Bartholomew (SUNY New Paltz) – Geology
Neil Blackstone (Northern Illinois University) – Ecology and Evolution
David Buller (Northern Illinois University) – Philosophy
Rebecca Burch (SUNY Oswego) – Psychology
Robert Deaner (Grand Valley State College) – Psychology
Philip DeBarros (Palomar College) – Anthropology
Rick Firenze (Broome Community College) – Biology
Maryanne Fisher (St. Mary’s University) – Psychology and Gender Studies
Justin Garcia (Binghamton University) – Anthropology and Biology
Kilian Garvey (University of New England) – Psychology
Kathleen Geher (SUNY New Paltz) – Psychology
Aaron Goetz (California State University at Fullerton) – Psychology
Joseph Graves (North Carolina A&T State University) – Biology
Aaron Haselton (SUNY New Paltz) – Biology
Randall Hayes (North Carolina A&T State University) – Neuroscience
Leslie Heywood (Binghamton University) – English
Susan Hughes (Albright College) – Psychology
Paul Kassel (SUNY New Paltz) – Theatre
Darrell LaLone (DePauw University) – Anthropology
Richard Legg (Saint Ambrose University) – Biology
Debra Lieberman (University of Miami) – Psychology
John Long (Vassar College) – Biology
Chris Lynn (University of Alabama)- Anthropology
Jed Mayer (SUNY New Paltz) – English
Tom Nolen (SUNY New Paltz) – Biology
Kenneth Nystrom (SUNY New Paltz) – Anthropology
John Pepper (University of Arizona) – Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Will Provine (Cornell University) – Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Jeff Reinking (SUNY New Paltz) – Biology
Hiroki Sayama (Binghamton University) – Bioengineering
Todd Shackelford (Oakland University) – Psychology
David Livingstone Smith (University of New England) – Philosophy

Faculty Advisors to the Undergraduate Editorial Board:

Robert Deaner, Psychology Advisor
Maryanne Fisher, Psychology Advisor
Aaron Goetz, Psychology Advisor
Jed Mayer, English Advisor
Aaron Haselton, Biology Advisor
Kenneth Nystrom, Anthropology Advisor
David Livingstone Smith, Philosophy Advisor

Undergraduate Editorial Board:

Victoria Nichols (SUNY New Paltz) – Anthropology
Hannah Vanwely (SUNY New Paltz) – Anthropology
Jillian Aucoin (St. Mary’s University) – Psychology
Shiloh Betterley (California State University at Fullerton) – Psychology
Michelle Conron(St. Mary’s University) – Psychology
Shannon Flynn (St. Mary’s University) – Psychology
Brooke Gentle (California State University at Fullerton) – Psychology
Stefan Goetz (Grand Valley State University) – Psychology
Wendy Gutierrez (California State University at Fullerton) – Psychology
Christine Miles (California State University at Fullerton) – Psychology
Alexandra Oleksiuk (St. Mary’s University) – Psychology
Joyce Park (California State University at Fullerton) – Psychology
Kraig Shattuck (Grand Valley State University) – Psychology
Sarah Shaw (St. Mary’s University) – Psychology
Brandt Smith (Grand Valley State University) – Psychology
Nathan Upton (Clark University) – Psychology
Bo Winegard (Grand Valley State University) – Psychology