“NEEPS University” – 3-credit (PSY 498) Seminar class in evolutionary psych at NEEPS 2017!

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Since its inception in 2007, the annual conference of the NorthEastern Evolutionary Psychology Society (NEEPS) has been a vibrant and fertile context for the exchange of ideas surrounding evolutionary psychology. In 2017, for the first time ever, we will offer a 3-credit upper-division seminar course surrounding NEEPS! Students who sign up for this class will essentially have attendance at the conference (along with the some assignments that will lead to a finely honed research proposal) count as a three-credit Seminar in Psychology (PSY 498) undergraduate class in psychology (see course information below).

Importantly, please note the following:

  • This class is open to undergraduate, post-graduate, and graduate students from any college or university.
  • This class is open to any educators or professionals (e.g., psychologists, mental health counselors, etc.) who need continuing coursework to fulfill their professional obligations.
  • Students in this class (AKA students of NEEPS University) will receive 50% off of conference registration fee (fee will be only $41.50 for the entire conference (including banquet!) – a steal!)
  • Students should be able to register for the class some time in Spring 2017 semester; but we are starting a waitlist of seats to hold; to get on this waitlist, please email the course instructor, Glenn Geher at geherg@newpaltz.edu

Official course title and description are below. Syllabus is found here.

PSY 498: Seminar in Psychology (AKA: Advanced Seminar in Evolutionary Psychology; AKA: NEEPS University) (Instructor: Glenn Geher, founding NEEPS president and professor of psychology at SUNY New Paltz)

This class uses the rich set of presentations at the annual NEEPS conference as an educational foundation in evolutionary psychology. Students who enroll in this hybrid class will learn about cutting-edge findings from evolutionary psychology from experts who come from all over the world. Via high-profile keynote addresses, a suite of oral presentations, and large group of poster presentations, students will be exposed to cutting-edge research on such topics as the nature of altruism, the nature of ingroup /outgroup biases, relationships and mating behaviors, aggression, evolutionarily informed neuroscience, and more. Students who sign up will also be invited to (and required to attend) special discussions sessions led by Dr. Geher along with other professors who help run NEEPS each year. Assignments will include (a) online readings and discussions via BlackBoard, (b) attendance at the full three-day conference (including the special class sessions), and (c) a research proposal (done in stages).


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