EvoS Summer Courses from New Paltz – Summer 2013!

Evolutionary Studies Seminar (EVO 301; instructor is Glenn Geher) and Evolution and Human Health (EVO 201; instructor is Hamilton Stapell) will be offered in a fully online format this summer (along with several other courses that comprise New Paltz’s unique (and NSF-award winning) EvoS Program.

These undergraduate courses are foundational in our academic program (i.e., New Paltz’s 18-credit EvoS Minor) and they serve a basic function in providing students with (a) a deep and broad introduction to this field of academic inquiry along with (b) a focused course on the science of evolution as it sheds light on issues of health, nutrition, and fitness. These courses are unique, and awesome, and you should take them!

Note that the full EvoS minor is 18 credits; these courses are each 3 credits (so the two courses in combination would comprise 6 of 18 required credits for the minor).

These courses are open to both SUNY New Paltz students AND TO OTHERS who are outside the New Paltz community (the courses are online and no in-person or on-campus contact is required). SUNY New Paltz’s office of Summer and offices of Financial Aid and the office of Records and Registration can address important questions related to these classes. Or you may contact the program director, Glenn Geher (geherg@newpaltz.edu).

For more information on how to register, who to contact for books, etc., please see site for the summer session here: http://www.newpaltz.edu/summer/

Registration site for Summer 2013 is found here.


Happy Registering!

Genuinely, Glenn Geher, Director, EvoS New Paltz (geherg@newpaltz.edu)


Glenn Geher

About Glenn Geher

Glenn Geher is professor and chair of psychology at the State University of New York at New Paltz. In addition to teaching courses at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, and conducting research in various areas related to evolutionary psychology, Glenn directs the campus’ EvoS program, one of the most successful, noteworthy, and vibrant features of a campus that prides itself (rightfully) on academic vibrance. In Building Darwin’s Bridges, Glenn addresses the details of New Paltz’s EvoS program as well as issues tied to the future of evolutionary studies in the rocky and often unpredictable landscape of higher education.
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