The Evolution and Art Interface: New Paltz’s 10th Anniversary of Darwin Day!

Here’s a puzzle:

Humans around the world create visual art, music, and dance. None of these activities are particularly helpful at facilitating survival. How did these features come to so strongly embed into our species? Why are we the artistic ape???

Please join New Paltz’s EvoS program for our 10th Annual Celebration of Darwin Day – a day dedicated to celebrating the advances in our understanding of life that have followed from Darwin’s awesome work! This year, our celebration will take on an artistic flair, featuring:

* Keynote Address by NYU’s Dr. Gabrielle Starr, author of Feeling Beauty: The Neuroscience of Aesthetic Experience. Dr. Starr is Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at NYU and her work focuses on how a scientific/evolutionist account of the arts can help us best understand why we are the artistic ape.

* Dr. Starr’s talk will be followed by a panel of local scholars with interests in the evolution and art interface, including:

Glenn Geher, Psychology / EvoS

Andrew Higgins, English / EvoS

Paul Kassel, Theatre Arts / EvoS

Andrea Varga, Theatre Arts / EvoS

DATE: 2/12/2015 – Darwin’s 206th Birthday (Thursday)

Time: 5pm – 8pm; including FREE reception

Location: LC 108


Official Event Poster

Sponsors: Office of Academic Affairs, Evolutionary Studies Program, School of Fine and Performing Arts





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