EvoS Consortium to become subsidiary of This View of Life!

EvoS Consortium to become subsidiary of This View of Life!

In an effort to optimize forces in our work designed to advance evolution’s place in the modern world, the EvoS Consortium is formally joining forces with – and becoming a subsidiary of – This View of Life (TVOL). TVOL, which is currently engaged in a massive fundraising effort (you can help the cause HERE!), has been a widely successful online initiative, largely designed by David Sloan Wilson, to advance our understanding of the world within an evolution-based framework.

The EvoS Consortium and TVOL have heretofore run as parallel entities. We are excited to announce this intellectual merger which we believe will strongly advance the goals of both entities. Note that a formal letter from David Sloan Wilson and Glenn Geher, demarcating the rationale for this change and the nature of what we can expect, is found here.

Some of the basics of the EvoS Consortium will remain generally unchanged, including our highly successful EvoS Journal (which is now formally affiliated with the NorthEastern Evolutionary Psychology Society and the SouthEastern Evolutionary Perspectives Society). Other elements of the EvoS Consortium web resources will, over the coming months, migrate to the more powerful TVOL platform.

We hope that members and followers of EvoS will take advantage of this improvement in our offerings and will continue to work collaboratively as we work to advance an evolutionarily informed understanding of the world and of our place in it.



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