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The Psychophysiology of Fireside Relaxation

Following is a draft of the abstract I am working on for a poster I will propose to present at the 2013 Human Biology Association meeting in Knoxville, TN (yay, I can drive there!).  Feedback is welcome. The psychophysiology of … Continue reading

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Darwin’s Daily & Hourly Dharma

I’m just going to leave this right here… Yes, I know, I should explain, but my mind is reeling a bit right now. Ever have those experiences when you stumble across a literature that advances a model that runs parallel to … Continue reading

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Fire Up Your Hearth: Relax & Stay Warm (While Being Energetically Inefficient)

My lab & I have presented on & written about fireside relaxation so many times by this point that I’m running out of clever titles. However, now that our first paper has finally been published &, as it happens, at … Continue reading

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Are Hearth Fires Analogous to Television?

I haven’t found any studies on the psychophysiological effects of fire, but I think they are analogous to those of some forms of media, especially television.  At base, they both involve flickering light & sudden sound phenomena.  I speculate that natural selection … Continue reading

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