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J. Brett Smith was trained in evolutionary biology and philosophy at the University of Alabama, where he now works as a field biologist with the Geological Survey. Enchanted by the logic of adaptationism at an early age, he suspected that it could be used not only to understand why organisms are built the way they are, but also improve human health and wellness. Having read “Why We Get Sick” and “The Paleo Diet” years ago, it wasn’t until recently that he actually got serious about self-experimentation—and now has transformed blood chemistry data to suggest that “paleo” is no paleofantasy. His goals for this blog include continuing to explore, as well as explain, the ancestral health approach in such simple—but hopefully elegant—language that his rusticated cousins back home in Rock City, Alabama, can understand and implement mismatch theory. He can be contacted at

Ancestral Health Symposium 2013 Wrap Up

What better way to kick off my first blog entry than providing a wrap-up of how Darwinism leaped off the page and into the very mitochondria of my 140-some-odd-trillion cells over the past year, and how this culminated in my … Continue reading

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