Considering Evolutionary Perspectives on Teen Dating Violence

EvoS Journal: The Journal of the Evolutionary Studies Consortium
Volume 12, Special Issue 1, 2021

Considering Evolutionary Perspectives on Teen Dating Violence

Elizabeth Al-Jbouri

Teen dating violence (TDV) has received increasing research attention. Within the last year, its study has become particularly relevant with the uptick in online aggressive behaviors and interpersonal violence associated with COVID-19 lockdowns. While timely, TDV is not a new phenomenon nor is it unique to human relationships. This paper applies evolutionary theory to current understandings of TDV. First, TDV is oriented within the evolutionary context of adolescence as a developmental period. Next, the adaptive roots of TDV are considered, considering the perspectives of evolutionary theory and developmental genetics. Within the context of adolescence, what might be the evolved function of aggressing against a romantic or sexual partner? Lastly, implications for future research, prevention, and intervention are discussed. This paper highlights the importance of considering TDV from an evolutionary perspective.


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Al-Jbouri, E. (2022). Considering evolutionary perspectives on teen dating violence. The Journal of the Evolutionary Studies Consortium12, Sp. Iss. (1), 10-31.