The Undergraduate Editorial Review Board

Coming soon, information for undergraduates interested in joining the EvoS Journal editoral team.

The Current Undergraduate Editorial Board:

Eli Blumenthal (UC Santa Barbara) – Psychology/Biological Anthropology
Victoria Nichols (SUNY New Paltz) – Anthropology
Hannah Vanwely (SUNY New Paltz) – Anthropology
Jillian Aucoin (St. Mary’s University) – Psychology
Michelle Conron(St. Mary’s University) – Psychology
Shannon Flynn (St. Mary’s University) – Psychology
Stefan Goetz (Grand Valley State University) – Psychology
Alexandra Oleksiuk (St. Mary’s University) – Psychology
Kraig Shattuck (Grand Valley State University) – Psychology
Sarah Shaw (St. Mary’s University) – Psychology
Brandt Smith (Grand Valley State University) – Psychology
Bo Winegard (Grand Valley State University) – Psychology

Positions for both the Undergraduate Editorial Review Board (uERB) and the Leadership Development Team (LDT) suggest commitments for a one-year, extendable term, currently, April 2014-April 2015. Participation is volunteer-based, and students may spend between 2-10 hours per month varying over the academic year. Students may participate in both the uERB & LDT.

Undergraduate Editorial Review Board (uERB)

Students on the EvoS Journal – uERB form the core of our quality control team in undergraduate publications. We are seeking undergraduate students from across all of evolutionary studies scholarship, including natural sciences, social sciences, humanities, and especially interdisciplinary approaches.

  • Understand the peer-review process by directly engaging in it
  • Work with LDT to grow the quality and quantity of EvoS Journal scholarship
  • Enhance your own academic writing by understanding the peer-review process

Leadership Development Team (LDT)

The EvoS Journal – LDT offers passionate undergraduates an opportunity to simultaneously cultivate their own academic career, and the EvoS Network. Diverse and flexible projects can be developed around the interests of participating students.

  • Learn science communication and networking skills
  • Flexible approach for individual student interests
  • Theory-based and/or community-based oppportunities


To apply for either the uERB or the LDT, send an e-mail to,

including your CV and 1-3 paragraphs describing your interest in the EvoS Consortium.

We look forward to working with you!

Undergraduate Editorial Review Board

NameAffiliationArea(s) of Study
Melissa HopkinsBucknell UniversityPsychology, Philosophy, Religion
Emilio JacinthoUniversity of Nevada, Las VegasAnthropology, Psychology
Eric KubackiUniversity of St. Francis Biology, Chemistry, Writing
Darcy MontanaSUNY New PaltzPsychology
Benjamin SeitzBinghamton UniversityPsychology, Evolutionary Studies
Rafael SchulmanBinghamton UniversityIntegrative Neuroscience, Evolutionary Studies

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