EvoS Summit 2012 – All Talks from Conference are ONLINE!

This conference, designed to help take stock of the state of affairs regarding Evolution’s place in higher education, took place in New Paltz on October 26, 2012. All the oral presentations are now fully online. Free. Enjoy!

From the Summit’s official welcome:

“With strong and constant resistance from various political fronts, the future of EvoS is unclear. The burden of fostering Darwin’s big idea across the islands of the ivory archipelago is on the shoulders of you and me. Working together, with shared vision and purpose, we can help shape this future to the benefit of students for decades to come. And that means shaping the future of education to help our descendants have a more complete understanding of the world and everything in it.” Glenn Geher, 2012.

Introductory Remarks by Glenn Geher (Director of EvoS at SUNY New Paltz) and Don Christian (President of SUNY New Paltz)

and Introductory Keynote Address by Gordon Gallup (SUNY Albany) – Evolutionary Medicine – Interdisciplinary Evolutionary Studies in Action

Evolutionary Studies in Higher Education: Into the Gray and Out Again (Rosemarie Sokol Chang (APA and SUNY New Paltz); Jennifer Waldo (SUNY New Paltz);  Glenn Geher, (SUNY New Paltz))

Building EvoS Programs is not Always Easy (Rebecca Burch (Oswego) & Kristina Spaulding (Albany))

Evolutionary Studies from the Student Perspective (Rachael Carmen (SUNY New Paltz), Daniel Glass (UMASS Boston) and Amanda Guitar (SUNY New Paltz))

 EvoS Online: Deep History Meets the Future (Kevin Sheridan (Binghamton University; Broome Community College) and Hadassah Head (Binghamton University))

Evolution and Human Health: EVO 201 and Connections with Robb Wolf’s Paleo Solution (Hamilton Stapell, SUNY New Paltz)

The Natural Sciences, the Humanities, and the Social Sciences: An Evolutionary Biological Theory of Human Uniqueness Puts it all Together (Paul Bingham and Joanne Souza (Stonybrook))

Capstone Address: EvoS, The Binghamton Neighborhood Project, and the Future of Evolution in Higher Education (David Sloan Wilson, Binghamton University)


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