EvoS Summit – Expanding Darwin’s Reach across the Ivory Archipelago

DATE: 10/26 (Friday)

THANKS FOR YOUR INTEREST IN THIS (past) EVENT. Non-dated information from the event page remains here – and videos of ALL THE TALKS from the event are found, permanently streaming, here. ENJOY!

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In recent years, evolution, the most powerful theory in the life sciences, has been applied to academic questions that span across all islands of academia. From anthropology to literary studies to art to biology to geology to psychology and more! Much of the center of this work has taken place at SUNY Institutions, including the work of Bingham and Souza at Stonybrook, the work of Gallup at Albany, the work of Geher and the Evolutionary Studies (EvoS) program at New Paltz, and, of course, the work of David Sloan Wilson at Binghamton – where the first-ever undergraduate EvoS program was created nearly a decade ago. And much of this work was strongly catalyzed by Rosemarie Sokol Chang’s lead role in developing the international EvoS Consortium, supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF).

This conference highlighted how far these EvoS-related initiatives have come!
Host: Glenn Geher

Please contact NP EvoS assistant, Briana Tauber (N01731425@hawkmail.newpaltz.edu) for information.



Introductory Remarks by Glenn Geher (Director of EvoS at SUNY New Paltz) and Don Christian (President of SUNY New Paltz)

and Introductory Keynote Address by Gordon Gallup (SUNY Albany) – Evolutionary Medicine – Interdisciplinary Evolutionary Studies in Action

Evolutionary Studies in Higher Education: Into the Gray and Out Again (Rosemarie Sokol Chang (APA and SUNY New Paltz); Jennifer Waldo (SUNY New Paltz);  Glenn Geher, (SUNY New Paltz))

Building EvoS Programs is not Always Easy (Rebecca Burch (Oswego) & Kristina Spaulding (Albany))

Evolutionary Studies from the Student Perspective (Rachael Carmen (SUNY New Paltz), Daniel Glass (UMASS Boston) and Amanda Guitar (SUNY New Paltz))

 EvoS Online: Deep History Meets the Future (Kevin Sheridan (Binghamton University; Broome Community College) and Hadassah Head (Binghamton University))

Evolution and Human Health: EVO 201 and Connections with Robb Wolf’s Paleo Solution (Hamilton Stapell, SUNY New Paltz)

The Natural Sciences, the Humanities, and the Social Sciences: An Evolutionary Biological Theory of Human Uniqueness Puts it all Together (Paul Bingham and Joanne Souza (Stonybrook))

Capstone Address: EvoS, The Binghamton Neighborhood Project, and the Future of Evolution in Higher Education (David Sloan Wilson, Binghamton University)

Sponsors: Office of Academic Affairs, SUNY Evolutionary Studies Program, Evolutionary Studies Club, School of Fine and Performing Arts, Bacchus, Honors Program, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Mid-Hudson Teacher Center, Undergraduate Psychology Association, Major Connections, Student Association, CAS