EvoS Scholars in the News

The following are recent news stories regarding members of EvoS Programs and the Consortium. If you have a story to add, please send the link to the webmaster, Richard H Holler, at holler20@comcast.net.

The first issue of The Evolutionary Review: Art, Science, Culture is now available!
[Published by SUNY Press, January 2010; Edited by Alice Andrews and Joseph Carroll]

Some Infidelity More Objectionable, New Paltz Professor’s Study Finds
[Daily Freeman, December 2009; about Glenn Geher’s research]

SUNY Prof’s Study Looks at Gender Differences
[Daily Freeman, August 2009; about Glenn Geher’s research]

Depression’s Evolutionary Roots
[Mind Matters, Part of Scientific American Online, August 2009; about Paul Andrew’s research]

150,000-Year-Old Whine
[Boston.com Moms, Part of The Boston Globe, July 2009; about Rosemarie Sokol Chang’s research]

Stopping Germs From Ganging up on Humans
[EurekAlert, November 2008; about John Pepper’s research]