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CoolyeahThis movie was a gem in a terrible summer. I loved this movie.Last year I hated most of the movies that came out, it was hard as [frick] to make a top 10.
Now its looking like it’ll be harder this year. The only movies I really loved were 10 Cloverfield Lane, Deadpool, and Star Trek, and I still need to watch Finding Dory and The Nice Guys. If Fantastic Beasts isn’t fantastic….DON’T [frick] UP HARRY POTTER GOD DAMN IT.Hacksaw Ridge looks excellent. I wonder if the new Harry Potter book(script) will ever get an adaptation. Probably not, beacuse it was written by a playwrighter based off of Harry Potter. But I’m still hoping.but even if it
will get screen time, it’ll probably be a spinoff with a different title. Just like Fantastic beasts. I’ll have to check that out then. Another film I’m looking forward to is Silence, which supposedly is coming out this year, but has no trailers. But Scorsese directing is my own personal “You’ve got to watch it!” I liked Civil War, didn’t love it. Just certain small gripes I had with it so I wasn’t “Wowed” like the rest of the world, but I liked it for sure. Enough to pay to watch it twice.From what I’ve heard the film rights to the play have been bought, so perhaps after the Fantastic Beasts trilogy it will be made. I get the script in the mail

tomorrow though to read and can’t wait because I love Harry Potter. I also think Bleed for This could be very good, the story looks interesting, and Miles Teller is a capable actor.Civil War was better than all those moviesThis and The Conjuring 2 were the only films this summer that I think gave me a satisfying feeling when leaving the theater.No way! Someone who had a user name just to hype this movie backs it despite everything?whatayatalkinabeet?Who mentioned Suicide Squad in this thread?
B) Yeah, I want to enjoy a movie. Fans seem to enjoy it, and I’ve disgreed with critics before (Most recently on The Purge: Election Year which I thought was trash)
C) I’m actually also a fan of the comics, so yeah, not changing my name any time soon… I didn’t enjoy the movie as much as I enjoyed the other films…so to you you thought Civil War was better, to me I didn’t. That’s called a differing opinion. It’s the reason some people put ketchup on their french fries, some think it makes them taste better, some don’tWell seeing as how you haven’t left in 3 years despite the shit known as The Dark World, I would disagree:)MY name is built from the comics, something you know nothing of :)Can’t wait for your new name :)oh yeah nah nah nah yeah nah yeah nah nah yeah mate I get yah. I like aoliStill haven’t seen

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