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Current efforts of the EvoS Consortium bear on connecting the online EvoS offerings that are found in the curricula across the schools of the Consortium. This page specifically addresses SUNY New Paltz’s 18-credit program (more on the online initiatives of the broader consortium to be soon connected with!).

The 18-credit EvoS program at New Paltz is fully offered online in summers. This program is part of the EvoS Consortium and works to provide a deep, broad, and applicable understanding of evolutionary theory across diverse academic areas. This can be completed across two summers (or possibly sooner, depending on potential transfer credits). Or a student could take longer, depending on his or her situation, number of courses taken per summer, etc.

Note that each course in the program (unless otherwise noted) is 3 credits (this info can be used to figure out the costs – in light of the tuition information). You’ll need to take into account “in state” (NY) or “out of state” and fees.

Information on the summer-online element of our program (which can be completed from anywhere) is found here. This site includes (or links to) info on tuition/fees, the online environment, workload, etc. Tuition for summer classes is on a per-course basis (details found on summer site, linked above). Note that most SUNY New Paltz online courses start at the end of May and end in early July; see summer site for specifics.

This program is open to individuals who are not matriculated as SUNY New Paltz students – for registration information (if you are a matriculated or non-matriculated New Paltz student, please click here). Students from all nations are encouraged to participate.

Here is the full EvoS Curriculum.

Students interested in this program should start with BIO 135 (Evolution for Everyone) and should consider EVO 301 (Evolutionary Studies Seminar) as well.

Let us know if you have any questions (!

Note that EVO 201 – Evolution and Human Health – is expected to be offered for Summer of 2013.

This program, mentioned by Robb Wolf and others, is part of the growing international evolutionary studies consortium. Don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions.



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