Positive Evolutionary Psychology class at SUNY New Paltz this summer!

The world’s first-ever offering of a course in Positive Evolutionary Psychology will be offered by SUNY New Paltz in summer of 2018! This class, offered by New Paltz psychology faculty member, Glenn Geher, is based largely on an upcoming book that he has co-authored (Geher & Wedberg, in production*).

For New Paltz Psychology students, this class will count as an upper-division elective in the psychology major. For New Paltz EvoS students, this class will count in the content area component of the minor. Students from outside SUNY New Paltz are encouraged to take this class as well.

Information on registration, etc., is found here.

SUNY New Paltz course description

* Geher, G., & Wedberg, N. A. (in contract). Positive Evolutionary Psychology: Darwin’s Guide to Living a Richer Life. New York: Oxford University Press.