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2012’s Cheap Thrills thru Evolution in Review

I sit in Highland, NY at my in-laws’ watching crappy bowl games (Rutgers v. Va Tech, can either of you find an offense?), reading a cool manuscript draft about psychoneuroimmunological disparity in monastic cemetery remains for my friend Sharon DeWitte, & … Continue reading

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HBES 2012 Roundup 3: Kissing Petri Dishes & Staring at Gross Things to Get all Hot & Bothered

The highlight of Saturday’s talks was my slowly growing consciousness of this new theoretical paradigm called the “behavioral immune system” that I’ve written about in the past & will write about again in the future but the scope (& name) … Continue reading

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Were the Canela the Human Analog to the Bonobo?

In a recent set of lectures by primatologist Frans de Waal at the University of Alabama, two questions were asked by students that have got me thinking about bonobos & the Canela.  The first was something like, what would happen … Continue reading

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