Take Evolutionary Studies Seminar (EVO 301) BRIEFLY online in summer 2017!

(note that this class ends in early July)

SUNY New Paltz’s award-winning seminar series is connected to a long-standing class called Evolutionary Studies Seminar (EVO 301), which is required for the EvoS minor. This class, which includes presentations from elite evolutionary scholars across various disciplines, presents evolution as a set of ideas that cut across academic areas.

Glenn Geher, founding director of EvoS @ New Paltz, will teach this class in an online format this upcoming summer. Note that for SUNY New Paltz EvoS students, this class is repeatable – so if you took it before, you can take it again for three additional credits toward your 120 credits needed to graduate.

Students regularly describe this course as eye-opening and exciting. Please contact Glenn (geherg@newpaltz.edu) if you have any questions about the class.

Information on how to register, etc., is found here:

SUNY New Paltz Summer 2017 Course Registration / Tuition Information