Undergraduate Review Guidelines

The following template may be used when reviewing an undergraduate submission:

EvoS Journal Review ID #:

Article Title:

Article Type:

Date Received by Reviewer:

Date of Review:

1. Reviewer Recommendation:

Accept after revisions
Revise and resubmit

Brief explanation:

2. Qualitative analysis of the manuscript text: Please answer the following questions OR write a brief review summary:

a. Does this manuscript fit within the aim and scope of EvoS Journal?

(See https://evostudies.org/evos-journal/about-the-journal/)

b. Did you learn something new from this manuscript?

c. Could you summarize the main point of the manuscript?

d. Does the literature review provide enough context for the work? Is it well cited?

e. If a Research Report:

i. Do the conceptual links between the theoretical arguments and empirical proof match? If not, what specifically is the problem?

ii. Are the statistics and method used appropriate? (If you are unsure, you may want to ask your faculty advisor for help).

f. Is the manuscript clear, concise, and understandable?

g. Does the manuscript have a meaningful conclusion?

h. Is the manuscript primarily written in the author’s voice? This means no more than 4-5 quotes throughout the paper (only when necessary)

i. Would you suggest any changes in the structure?

j. Any additional comments? (You might include comments about spelling/grammatical mistakes or content comments that aren’t covered with the other questions).