EvoS Program Courses

Below is a list of EvoS Courses offered at the inaugural institutions. Please contact the webmaster to submit additional resources.

Binghamton University

Anthropology (course descriptions can be found here):
Introduction to Biological Anthropology
Biodiversity and the Human Legacy
Darwinian Medicine
People of the Pacific
Human Origins
Human Skeleton
Human Biological Variation
Introduction to the Primates
Human Population Genetics
Evolution and Human Behavior
Molecular Anthropology Theory
Molecular Anthropology Lab

Biology Courses (descriptions can be found here):
Evolution for Everyone
Current Topics in EVOS
Introduction to Organismal and Population Biology
Mechanisms of Evolution
Ecological Principles and Applications
Animal Behavior
Functional Genomics and Proteomics
Conceptual Foundations in Ecology, Evolution and Biology
Behavioral Ecology of Primates
Tropical Ecology and Conservation
Southwest Ecology
Population Ecology
Animal Behavior Laboratory
Biology of Sexual Orientation
Mother Nature
Pheromones and Animal Behavior
Cultural Evolutionary Theory
Advanced Animal Behavior

Economics Courses:
Evolutionary Economics
Game Theory (Economics)

Geography Course:

Psychology Courses:
Introductory Psychology
Evolution and Behavior
Seminar in Evolutionary Psychology

Philosophy Course:
Methods of Reasoning

Bioengineering Courses:
Self-Organizing Systems
Adaptation in Biological Networks
Modeling Nature

SUNY New Paltz

Introduction to Animal Life (Biology)
Animal Behavior (Biology)
General Biology II
Evolutionary Theory (Biology)
Human Evolution (Anthropology)
Paleontology (Geology)
Evolution, Diversity, and Inheritance (Honors)
Evolutionary Psychology
Controversies in Evolution
Evolutionary Studies Seminar