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12/17/2013 – Want an opportunity to help shape the future of evolution’s place in higher education?

Open Position:
Editor in Chief, EvoS Journal: The Journal of the Evolutionary Studies Consortium

This interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal was started with a grant from the National Science Foundation as part of an initiative to expand evolution in higher education. This journal publishes three basic kinds of articles: (a) scholarly articles that address important aspects of the place of evolution in higher education, (b) undergraduate papers that summarize significant work with a focus on evolution (in any area), and (c) reviews of books and other sources that relate to the goals of the EvoS Consortium. This journal has published dozens of peer-reviewed articles – by several top evolutionary scholars – as well as up-and-coming students – since its inception in 2009. The Editor is responsible for:

(a)    Overseeing the solicitation of manuscripts

(b)   Overseeing the review process of manuscripts (across all manuscript stages)

(c)    Working with associate editors (who may be appointed by the Editor) who oversee the process of having undergraduate students review undergraduate submissions in specified fields (e.g., working with a biology faculty member who is tasked with working with undergraduate biology students who review incoming manuscripts from other undergraduate biology students)

(d)   Working with other associate editors (as appointed), such as an editor for book reviews

(e)   Working with experts in the field to create special issues of the journal that highlight topical issues related to EvoS

REQUIRED QUALIFICATIONS: PhD in field related to evolution; track record of publishing articles with some explicit connections to evolutionary principles; track record of supporting undergraduate research and scholarship

DESIRED QUALIFICATIONS: track record of working well with individuals from diverse backgrounds and in completing tasks in a timely and effective manner; explicit connection with the existing EvoS Consortium.

For more information, see Email inquiries and letters of interest to co-founder of the EvoS Consortium, Glenn Geher ( There is a possibility of appointing an editorial assistant and/or working with the SUNY New Paltz EvoS assistant, who may help in this capacity. More than one editorial assistant may be on staff.

11/22/2013Volume 3, Issue 1 of The EvoS Illuminate: Newsletter of the EvoS Consortium is now available!  Be sure to check it out for info about what’s new in EvoS, features on members of the EvoS Consortium, articles written by and about past and present EvoS students, and more!

10/29/2012 EvoS Summit 2012 – New Paltz, NY – all presentations are now online and free – here. Conference PROGRAM found here. Official Welcome of the Summit found here.

9/26/2012 Congratulations to EvoS blogger Chris Lynn, whose post on smartphones got him and his blog quoted in a article, which contained a great shout-out to the EvoS Consortium!

5/9/2012 Please check out the audio album from the recent Consilience Conference, held in St. Louis Missouri, dedicated to evolution in biology, the human sciences, and the humanities!

4/20/2012 The sixth annual NEEPS (Northeastern Evolutionary Psychology Society) conference is just a week away! It’s not too late to register! And the day before the conference, the Feminist Evolutionary Psychology Society (FEPS) and Applied Evolutionary Psychology Society (AEPS) are holding special workshops. Registration is separate (but cheap!) for each of the three events (full details on respective websites)…try to make all three! April 26th-29th, 2012 at Plymouth State University in Plymouth, New Hampshire. And don’t miss a special performance by evolution-inspired rapper Baba Brinkman on April 26th!

3/9/2012 Volume 4, Issue 2 of the EvoS Journal is up now with an article by Daniel Glass, David Sloan Wilson, and Glenn Geher on the state of evolutionary training in higher education! More articles will be posted soon…stay tuned!

2/12/2012 EvoS is pleased to announce the re-launch of the new and improved Evolution: This View of Life, an online magazine devoted to all things evolution! Its mission is to spread evolution education to the general public in the same way that the EvoS Consortium does for academia…check it out today, bookmark it, and go back often!

1/24/12 An exciting new initiative is underway to create an online database taxonomy of evolutionary psychological adaptations! The initiative already has the support of some major evolutionary psychologists and is currently seeking researchers to endorse and/or contribute to the project, as well as those with web expertise who can help with creation of the site. To learn more about the project, see Niruban Balachandran’s article on the taxonomy, and if you’re interested in joining the effort, e-mail him at!

1/9/12 The EvoS Journal is putting out a call for papers for our upcoming special issue on evolutionary theory in the higher education classroom…see our Journal submissions page for details!

12/21/11 The first articles of Volume 4, Issue 1 of the EvoS Journal have been posted! There’s a piece on sex-dependent characteristics of altruism by Thomas Butler and Dan Kruger and a review by Daniel Glass of an illustrated introductory guide to evolutionary psychology…check them out here!

12/5/11 Volume 3, Issue 2 of the EvoS Journal is now complete, with the addition of Glenn Geher’s terrific article on how evolutionary psychology can inform the realm of parenting!

11/29/11 Thank you!! In large part due to donations by many of you, our sister site This View of Life has met its fundraising goals and will now begin a redesign and relaunch process!

11/1/11 Our sister site This View of Life (the first online magazine designed specifically to communicate evolution to the public) is having a pledge drive to raise funds for an upcoming redesign and relaunch! The site looks amazing, and will look even better if we all pitch in to support its goal of bringing evolutionary science to a wider audience. If evolution education is important to you, please head over to and pledge! Every dollar helps! Click here now!

10/6/11 Congratulations to William Borchert (SUNY New Paltz, Class of 2010), one of the first from New Paltz to graduate with the EvoS Minor; William was recently accepted to the prestigious University of Tokyo as a master’s student in Global Health Policy in the Graduate School of Medicine, where he will be focusing on (among other things) evolutionary medicine!

9/26/11 Our newest issue of The EvoS Journal has been updated with a review by Bo Winegar of David Sloan Wilson’s new book The Neighborhood Project.

9/18/11 EvoS is pleased to announce the launch of This View of Life, an online magazine devoted to all things evolution! Its mission is to spread evolution education to the general public in the same way that the EvoS Consortium does for academia…check it out today, bookmark it, and go back often!

9/6/11 The new issue of the EvoS Journal is up, starting with an article by Sarah Johnson & Marc Pratarelli on evolutionary psychology and ecological concerns, and Daniel Glass’s review of Francis Fukuyama’s book The Origins of Political Order.

— EVO 201 – Evolution and Human Health; Approved by the SUNY New Paltz curriculum committee! First course of its kind in the country (to our understanding). Hamilton Stapell (History/Evos) and Keith Kenney (Wellness and Rec.) will co-teach. First offering is this summer. The Evolution Revolution continues!

— Big news from New Paltz- Glenn Geher will be teaching a completely online version of the Evo 301: Evolutionary Studies Seminar Series making it possible for anyone in the world to complete the EvoS Minor FULLY online! (March 2011)

— Just a reminder, on this website you can find dozens of videos of seminar speakers from EvoS New Paltz and EvoS Binghamton . Check back frequently for updates, or better yet, come see these amazing speakers in person! (January 2011)

— Congratulations to the University of Alabama for being the first institution in the south to receive the EvoS grant, and for their recent approval of the Evolutionary Studies minor! (October 2010)