EvoS Member Institutions

A major goal of the consortium is growth –- we hope to expand the consortium such that EvoS programs replicate widely. As such, we openly welcome (and encourage!) other institutions to join. If you don’t see your institution listed here, head here to learn how to start a program of your own!

The following are the institutions that make up the EvoS Consortium:

Name of Institution Contact Person
Albright College Susan Hughes
Binghamton University David Sloan Wilson
Clark College Angela Lohr
Concordia University Gad Saad
University of Baltimore Michael Frederick
Lebanon Valley College John Hinshaw
National Center for Science Education Josh Rosenau
Northern Illinois University Neil Blackstone
Palomar College Philip Debarros
Randolph College David Schwartz
Stony Brook University Ross Nehm
State University of New York at New Paltz Glenn Geher
State University of New York at Broome Community College Rick Firenze
State University of New York at Oswego Rebecca Burch
University of Alabama Christopher Lynn
University of Auckland Russel Grey
University of Bucharest Cezar Giosan
University of Buffalo Carol Berman
University of California at Los Angeles Patricia Gowaty
University of California Museum of Paleontology Lisa White
University of Lisbon Filipa Vala
University of Missouri Sarah Bush
University of Toliara Dustin Eirdosh
Vassar College John Long
Westchester Community College Chad Thompson
Wheaton College Jonathan Brumber-Kraus