Membership Criteria

EvoS Membership Levels of Participation

In part to monitor the progress of the consortium for NSF, we have identified four levels of participation that make it easy for new members to become involved in an incremental fashion.

Level 0: Some consortium services are available to anyone through the Internet, including:

    1. a National Evolution Literacy Test that we are developing;
    2. the archive of EvoS seminars;
    3. distance learning workshops and courses for college credit.

Level 1: Joining the consortium as an incipient program.

Indices: One or more faculty express an interest in developing a program at their institution.

Benefits provided by grant:

    1. incipient members added to email list and electronic journal;
    2. are eligible for consulting services.

Level 2: Introductory course.

Indices: An introductory course comparable to “Evolution for Everyone” taught in coordination with courses at other member institutions.

Benefits provided by grant:

    1. consulting services to establish the course;
    2. using modules and contributing to the inventory of modules;
    3. centralized course assessment services.

Level 3: Campus wide seminar series, including an associated “current topics” course for undergraduate students.

Indices: Number of seminars, audience size for each seminar, audience composition (e.g., undergraduate/graduate/faculty/member of community), ratings provided by participants.

Benefits provided by grant:

    1. consulting services and site visit to help establish the seminar series;
    2. archiving service so that seminars at member institution can add their seminar to the archive maintained at Binghamton University.

Level 4: Establishment of formal interdisciplinary program.

Indices: Formal program designation by administration (e.g., as a minor or certificate program), number of faculty participants, number of student participants, number of courses, number of new courses and other courses relevant to undergraduate education.

Benefits provided by grant:

    1. centralized whole-program assessment services;
    2. participation in symposia and site visits promoting the EvoS consortium.