How to Start an EvoS Program at Your Institution

Follow these steps and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a part of the EvoS Consortium, the only intercollegiate, interdisciplinary program dedicated to the application of biological evolution across all field of study! Please also read our Membership Criteria.

  1. Find a core group of faculty across disciplines at your school who would be interested in teaching courses that would be part of this kind of curriculum
  2. Set up a meeting with an academic administrator who oversees departments that would be crucial to the program – this could be a dean of liberal arts and sciences or a provost, for instance. The administration should provide guidance regarding how new programs are developed at your particular institution.
  3. Set up an ad hoc evolutionary studies program development committee charged with meeting and creating a draft of the curriculum.
  4. Submit the materials for the program and any new courses (likely the Evolutionary Studies Seminar course and/or an “Evolution for Everyone” course) to departments that are included in the proposed program. Make sure EVERYONE is on board before moving to the official submission via your university’s approval process (e.g., the university’s curriculum committee).

Contact Glenn Geher or David Sloan Wilson with any questions. We’d be more than glad to help and would be glad to visit your campus to meet with relevant folks about the process.

(This description is courtesy of Glenn Geher, SUNY New Paltz)

Please also see the article “Creating an Evolutionary Studies Program at Your Institution” by David Sloan Wilson.