Ancestor’s Trail Student Volunteer Signup Info

SUNY New Paltz student interested in volunteering to help with the grand opening of the Ancestor’s Trail: USA? This event, with opening ceremonies on Friday, 4/27/2018 and Saturday, 4/28/2018, will be a unique opportunity for our community. If you are interested in helping to contribute to the guidebook and/or to help lead groups on hikes on April 28 (in the beautiful Shawangunk Mountains of New Paltz), please note the following:

Volunteer Roles Needed:

* Docents who lead group hikes on 4/28

* Contributors to the Guidebook, providing brief descriptions of species found along these phylogenetic trails (info on this process is found here).

* Victorian-themed actors who will provide good Victorian cheer at the events of 4/27 and/or 4/28 (we can provide guidance on the process)

* General / Other (trust us, there will be lots to be done!)

If you are interested, please note that two of the co-directors of this project, Olivia and Aron (see below) have office hours in WH 317 (Aron: Monday and Thursday afternoons; Olivia, Thursdays, 11-1) and they will add your name and info into our database of volunteers and provide you guidance.

Here is to a great event in the field of science education!

Olivia G. Jewell (Master’s candidate in Psychology, SUNY New Paltz)

Aron Wiegand (Visiting Scholar in Psychology, SUNY New Paltz)

Glenn Geher (Founding Director of Evolutionary Studies, SUNY New Paltz)

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