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1/09/2014 – EvoS is pleased to announce the new release of a special issue of the EvoS Journal, dedicated to the 2012 Summit of the EvoS Consortium. Check out the full issue here: Volume 6, Issue 1

12/17/2013 – Want an opportunity to help shape the future of evolution’s place in higher education?

Open Position:
Editor in Chief, EvoS Journal: The Journal of the Evolutionary Studies Consortium

This interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal was started with a grant from the National Science Foundation as part of an initiative to expand evolution in higher education. This journal publishes three basic kinds of articles: (a) scholarly articles that address important aspects of the place of evolution in higher education, (b) undergraduate papers that summarize significant work with a focus on evolution (in any area), and (c) reviews of books and other sources that relate to the goals of the EvoS Consortium. This journal has published dozens of peer-reviewed articles – by several top evolutionary scholars – as well as up-and-coming students – since its inception in 2009. The Editor is responsible for:

(a)    Overseeing the solicitation of manuscripts

(b)   Overseeing the review process of manuscripts (across all manuscript stages)

(c)    Working with associate editors (who may be appointed by the Editor) who oversee the process of having undergraduate students review undergraduate submissions in specified fields (e.g., working with a biology faculty member who is tasked with working with undergraduate biology students who review incoming manuscripts from other undergraduate biology students)

(d)   Working with other associate editors (as appointed), such as an editor for book reviews

(e)   Working with experts in the field to create special issues of the journal that highlight topical issues related to EvoS

REQUIRED QUALIFICATIONS: PhD in field related to evolution; track record of publishing articles with some explicit connections to evolutionary principles; track record of supporting undergraduate research and scholarship

DESIRED QUALIFICATIONS: track record of working well with individuals from diverse backgrounds and in completing tasks in a timely and effective manner; explicit connection with the existing EvoS Consortium.

For more information, see www.evostudies.org. Email inquiries and letters of interest to co-founder of the EvoS Consortium, Glenn Geher (geherg@newpaltz.edu). There is a possibility of appointing an editorial assistant and/or working with the SUNY New Paltz EvoS assistant, who may help in this capacity. More than one editorial assistant may be on staff.

11/22/2013Volume 3, Issue 1 of The EvoS Illuminate: Newsletter of the EvoS Consortium is now available!  Be sure to check it out for info about what’s new in EvoS, features on members of the EvoS Consortium, articles written by and about past and present EvoS students, and more!

10/29/2012 EvoS Summit 2012 – New Paltz, NY – all presentations are now online and free – here. Conference PROGRAM found here. Official Welcome of the Summit found here.

9/26/2012 Congratulations to EvoS blogger Chris Lynn, whose post on smartphones got him and his blog quoted in a CNN.com article, which contained a great shout-out to the EvoS Consortium!

5/9/2012 Please check out the audio album from the recent Consilience Conference, held in St. Louis Missouri, dedicated to evolution in biology, the human sciences, and the humanities!

3/9/2012 Volume 4, Issue 2 of the EvoS Journal is up now with an article by Daniel Glass, David Sloan Wilson, and Glenn Geher on the state of evolutionary training in higher education! More articles will be posted soon…stay tuned!

1/9/12 The EvoS Journal is putting out a call for papers for our upcoming special issue on evolutionary theory in the higher education classroom…see our Journal submissions page for details!

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What is the EvoS Consortium?

The Evolutionary Studies (EvoS) Consortium is designed to facilitate the development and implementation of Evolutionary Studies Programs at colleges and universities across the United States. An Evolutionary Studies Program introduces students from all majors to evolutionary theory early in their academic careers, emphasizes human-related subjects in addition to biological, promotes the continuation of evolutionary training throughout the undergraduate education, and promotes faculty training and collaborative research related to evolution.

The EvoS Consortium is a website that provides the tools and a community space for evolutionary training in institutions of higher education. The Consortium website (affiliated with EvoS Journal: The Journal of the Evolutionary Studies Consortium) is a space for both faculty and undergraduate members of Evolutionary Studies Programs, as well as those interested in starting a program.

A major goal of the Consortium is growth – we hope to expand the consortium such that EvoS programs replicate widely. As such, we openly welcome other institutions to join. Steps associated with starting an EvoS program and joining the Consortium are described in the pages included in the Membership tab at the top of the page.